Xbox 360 Blinks Red? Get It Fixed With Ease

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Xbox 360 blinks red? This isn’t your fault. There have been people who got the flashing red Xbox just 2 weeks after they bought their game console. The console was defective to begin with,  and thus this defect is the cause of the overheating. If the Xbox 360 overheats, it flashes red. Make sense?

Of course your objective is to avoid the problem of your Xbox overheating. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this. Below are some things you can do to your Xbox 360 so that it remains cool and stops your system from overheating.

1) It needs room to breathe. Compared to the original Xbox, the 360 was given a new, elegant design. Looks good, but it’s not going to stop the overheating. Try and have your system in an area that has free flowing air circulation to help keep it nice and cool.

3) If you feel your system is starting to get hot, turn it off, and give it time to cool down. This is something that can get quite annoying, but it’s something you should do to prevent the Xbox 360 blinks red problem. Take a time out and let it cool down.

2) Stay away from wrapping it in a towel or in a blanket. Some people say this helps the problem, but it doesn’t! This will only make matters worse, causing permanent damage to the Xbox. Do not do it!

4) Have the console sit on a stand above the floor. There is better air circulation, which should contribute to helping with the overheating problem of the Xbox.

If for some reason none of the above methods worked, you may want to look into getting yourself a “Do It Yourself” Xbox 360 Repair Guide. This way, by utilizing step by step instructions, you can both pinpoint and correct the Xbox 360 blinks red problem.

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