Xbox 360 Broken? – Try These Troubleshooting Tips

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Is your Xbox 360 broken? It’s a great video game system -  however, they do seem to break down quite often.

Keep reading to learn more with regrads to your broken Xbox 360, including useful tips you can use to get your console fixed.

One Red Light
If the Xbox 360 has only 1 flashing light, then you’ve encountered a hardware problem. This typically caused due to the following reasons:

The controllers batteries aren’t working properly.
Cable/Cables aren’t connected  properly.
The disc is either dirty or has too many scratches.
Lack of power (Is it possible your using either a surge protector or power strip?)

To resolve this problem, usually it’s solved if you unhook the cables and the hard drive, wait for about a minute or so, then simply reconnect them again and restart the console. Be careful though, it’s possible that sometime in the future the 1 red light error can switch over to a 3 red light error.

Two Red Lights
When you see two lights, this is an indication that the Xbox 360 is overheating.. The console has a temperature control system in place which prevents the system from functioning if it gets too hot.  In general, make sure that you allow adequate ventilation for your Xbox 360 if you run into this issue.

To help with this, make sure that your console is sitting on a surface that’s hard and flat. Stay away from carpet. In addition, make sure it’s got a lot of room to breathe. If you can, get your system  a cooling unit to help with the overheating problem. Just be careful, because leaving a problem like this unnoticed can permanently damage the Xbox 360 from too much heat.

Three Red Lights
This has to unquestionably be the biggest problem that is the cause for a broken Xbox 360. Unfortunately, it is not easy to solve this problem. The only way to resolve this problem is to get it repaired.  This can be done by sending it to Microsoft for repair or by taking apart and fixing the console yourself.

Four Red Lights
Thankfully, this isn’t as bad as the other issues listed above. This simply means that either there is a l AV cable that is not properly connected or is not functioning as intended.  Make sure it is plugged in and if it doesn’t work, get it replaced.

Using the tips mentioned above should help your broken Xbox 360 get back on it’s feet.

Still got broken Xbox 360 problems?

Perhaps your getting the 3 red lights or other blinking red light errors.

Did you know that you could send your system to Microsoft to get your broken Xbox 360 repaired? Doing this will cost more than $ 100, if your console isn’t under warranty, and it can take up to several weeks to have it returned  to you.

If your not too keen on that option, then you might want  to consider learning how to fix your broken Xbox 360 yourself. By utilizing an Xbox 360 repair guide, you will have all the necessary tools to get the job done. This way, you can get back to gaming as soon as possible. Good luck!

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