Xbox 360 Lights – Repairable?

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Do you have the Xbox 360 lights of doom? Do not worry, you are not alone! The majority of Xbox 360 users have had problems with their console and most often it seems to be the red lights blinking on the power button as soon as the system is turned on.

This article will be going through the red lights, what it means, and how to correct it so that they switch back to green.

There’s four different red Xbox 360 lights. The errors are represented by the number of lights you see blinking.

1 red light represents that there is a chip failure, and this is typically caused from the console overheating. Simply, there is a burnt out chip in the system.

2 red lights represents overheating of the system and, despite the flashes of light, you most likely could feel the heat of the system by simply putting your hand on the system. You might be able to stop this from happening by getting rid of the dust build up in the vents of your Xbox 360.

3 red Xbox 360 lights seem to be the most common error, and basically what this means, is that there is a “general hardware failure.”  Essentially, your console is saying to you that there’s something wrong, only that it’s not sure what exactly. It seems that this error typically relates to issues with both the GPU and CPU chips.

4 red lights simply means that the AV cable isn’t connected properly. Just double check to make sure it is connected properly. If it is and your still getting the 4 red Xbox 360 lights error, then you may need to get a new cable.

The errors mentioned above are essentially caused by heat. You can either repair the problem yourself or send it to Microsoft for repairs.  Both options have their pros and their cons. With Microsoft, your going to have to wait for about four weeks to see your Xbox 360 again. When your doing it yourself, you have to make sure you get a repair guide, with clear and precise, step by step instructions. Not one that will leave you in the dark.

Hopefully this article helped you better understand what’s going on with the Xbox 360 lights and has also provided some advice to help solve the problem! Happy gaming!

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