xbox 360 overheating Repair

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Problems with your Xbox 360 overheating? This is a difficult problem to solve, and that’s probably why quite a few people have said that the solution to these problems is to pay Microsoft $150 for the fix, or to use your warranty, if your system is still covered by it, correct? Is this really the only way to go about doing this though? No, it’s not.

So How Do I Solve The Problem Of An Overheating Xbox 360?

First, you should know how this problem started to begin with. In this case, there’s a high probability that this issue has occured from inside your system.

Here are some things you can try to help prevent your Xbox 360 from overheating:

1) Turn off your console, and wait for roughly 5 minutes before turning it back on.
2) It’s possible there’s a loose cable. Double check to make sure the cables are functioning properly.
3) Disconnect all the cables, except for the power cord. Once done, plug them back in again.
4) Remove the hard drive and then place it back in (make sure you disconnect the cords form the display screen and the power outlet). Do this 3 or 4 times.

Did this end up fixing your Xbox 360 overheating problem? If not, there’s something else that can be done… Basically, the inside of the console needs to be repaired. There’s two ways you can go about doing this. You can either send your console to Microsoft, or you can fix it yourself.

Have Microsoft Repair the Xbox 360 Overheating Problem?

As mentioned before, if your console is not under warranty, the cost to have Microsoft repair it is going to be about $150 in additon to having to wait about 2-6 weeks before the console is returned to you. This is something you may want to avoid, correct?

Xbox 360 overheating Repair Done By Me?

It’s really the best option you have, but it’s not easy. The process could be made easier with the use of a repair guide – this will show you, through step by step insturctions, how to fix your system. In this case, the Xbox 360 overheating.

How you go about getting this Xbox 360 overheating problem fixed is completely up to you. So now it’s time to simply take action and get back in the game. Good luck!

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