Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix – Best 7 Methods to Fix 3 Rings of Death At Home

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If you are eagerly looking for a Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Guide that can show you the way or hold your hand to step by step resolve the problem of irritating 3 rings of death, then you should be glad that you are here. Well, you are definitely not a alone to be haunted by this monster error. There are millions of gamers or around 30% of the users have reported the 3 rings of death flashed on their power button.

It is the biggest defect that Microsoft havstheir video console. They have even extend the regular 1 year warranty to 3 years in order to protect their reputation over this excessively common error, the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death. However, even with this compensation, most of the users still feel irritated due to the recurring of 3 rings of death after they have their Xbox repaired or even exchanged by Microsoft. This is because the hardware failure is due to the flawed design of Microsoft itself and it is not going to be settled easily.

There is one well recognized and recommended xbox 360 red ring of death that you are able to do it at home in order to eliminate the 3 rings of death problem. However, you are reminded that by opening the console, you are going to void the warranty of the console.

Okay, now you are ready to start your own troubleshooting of the 3 rings of death and prepare to fix it yourself. I am hereby to provide you some information regarding what is the cause of the problem and how can you fix it at home.

Most of the cases caused by 3 red ring of death are due to overheating. This is mainly due to the imperfect design of the internal structure of Xbox 360 and the dissipation system to cool down the console. However, there is another one main factor that will exaggerate the issue which is prolonged time of playing. Most of the device will be heated up until very high temperature after long time of usage, Xbox 360 is no exception. However, as stated above, the dissipation of heat is not optimized, this problem will be more critical. The temperature in the console can hit a high peak and eventually melt or burn some of the component and cause hardware failure, the Red Ring of Death problem.

First, if you value your console and do not want to have this problem, stop playing it for prolong time. If you have this 3 red ring of death already but you still can log in the program, you should stop playing it for prolong time as well. The optimize way is to let it cool for 15-20 minutes after 1-2 hours of playing.

Second, if you notice that your console is covered with dust, especially the rear part which assemble the heat dissipation point, you should start to clean up those dust or blockage which hinder the hot air from getting out from the console. Do not waste it with water please (I know it is stupid but some people just lack of common sense), just use a slightly wet cloth to clean it while the power disconnected.

Third, remove any other devices or equipment that produce hot air or heat that near the console. If you keep your Xbox 360 inside a Cabinet, as most people will do so, take it out to prevent the accumulation of heat in the constraint space. Put your Xbox at the ventilated room and use fan or cooling pad to prevent overheating.

Fourth, unplug the external hard drive and reconnect the power supply. If you find that the 3 rings of death gone, it means that the hard drive is causing the problem. Simply exchange the hard drive or buy a new one to replace it will solve the problem.

Fifth, if you really want to open up your console and fix it ( which I strongly recommend you to obtain a complete guide that teach you step by step to do so before you open the casing), you can try to clean up the motherboard, GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), CPU (Center Processing Unit) and the Heat Sink with duster or clean cloth. Use blower to blow away any dust stuck in between the gap.

Sixth, try to increase your processing components airflow by adding some nylon washers (machining components) below the components in order to have bigger gap in between the components (to increase the cooling efficiency).

Seventh, strengthen the pressure of the X clamp and prevent breakage of solder joints are other great ways to fix the 3 rings of death, Red ring of death happens when a solder connection between the GPU (Graphic-Processing-Unit) and the Mainboard break or become loose. All these fixing methods are quite technical procedure to apply, hence I am not going to elaborate more here, however, all these can be easily done by following a very well created Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Guide. If you are interested, visit my Xbox 360 RROD fix guide review site by clicking the button below.

This guide comes with HD streaming video, well written text instruction manual and audio explanation that will hold your hand to complete the Xbox 360 red ring of death fix within 2 hours of time by using your household equipment tools. The whole procedure is simple and clear cut, it helps many users around the world to stop their 3 rings of death including mine.

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Permanently fix and repair your XBOX 360 red light Problems in just ONE HOUR or your money back-Guaranteed! My fix has worked for thousands of XBOX 360 gamers just like you. SEE THE PROOF RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

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