Xbox360 Problems? Get it fixed!

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This article will touch a bit upon the main Xbox360 problems that have been associated with the system so that you can form your own opinion as to what the problem may actually be.

What are the main Xbox360 problems and what can you do to fix it?

One of the problems with the Xbox 360 seems to be related to overheating issues. Although sometimes the problem is better off being sent in for repair instead of fixing it yourself, you can still reduce the risk of this problem from happening by keeping your Xbox 360 well ventilated. If you do happen to have it in an enclosed area, such as a display cabinet, take it out and let it breathe.

Another quite common issue that seems to arise when it comes to these Xbox360 problems seems to be the GPU, which also stands for “General Processing Unit.” This also seems to be connected to the heat issues. When the console overheats, the soldering on the motherboard becomes loose. When this occurs, you get the three red lights error. This basically refers to a “General Hardware Error.”

If you happen to get any of the Xbox360 problems that were discussed above, while still under warranty, then a good option would be to send your console to Microsoft and have them repair it for you. This process may take up to 3-4 weeks.

If your not quite up to waiting 3-4 weeks to have your console repaired, then you may want to consider fixing it yourself. This is done by using an Xbox 360 repair guide that both helps you identify and fix the problem with your system. This is done with step by step instructions.

Hopefully this article made you more aware about the two more common Xbox360 problems that users of the console itself encounter. Best of luck on getting your Xbox 360 fixed! Game On!

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