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We all know the Xbox360 console suffers from some hardware problems, thus it’s important to obtain the required information on how to resolve any of these potential problems.  Some problems that might occur could be things like (RRoD), also known as the Red Ring of Death, the dreaded green screen, overheating, among others. These can show up at any time while you’re simply having a fun time. The result of this freezing is due to your console overheating.

When overheating of the console starts, the power button is replaced with three flashing red lights. The GPU begins to loosen up as a result of an overheated motherboard. This is where the freezing problem comes into play.

Sidenote: If you’ve ever heard of the “towel trick method”, it is recommended that you simply stay away from this method for your console. It will actually further damage your system, NOT do anything to repair it.

Two things you can do to repair your Xbox360 freezing problem are:

Have Microsoft Take A Look At It For You

This method is advantageous when your console is within its warranty period. This is what happens – if you send your system to Microsoft’s service center, and if your still under warranty, they will repair it for free, you just need to pay for the shipping. At the same time, it is requested that you wait at least 4 to 5 weeks before you get to see and play your console again.

Do It Yourself

If you just aren’t too keen on the above method, then another option can be fixing the problem yourself. This is done by using an Xbox360 repair guide that shows you how to get rid of your freezing problem with step by step instructions.

So just remember, stay away from the “towel trick method.” No good! And of course, you can either fix the Xbox360 yourself or have Microsoft take a look at it for you. The choice is yours. Good luck!

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